become esc volunteer in pécsvárad



Pécsvárad is a town abounding in monuments and tourist curiosities. The way it looks today still reflects the dignity of the religious centre once founded by the king. This appearance dating back to many centuries ago, is fundamentally determined by the silhouette of the Catholic church and the castle in front of the backdrop of the Zengő hill. The town lies at the foot of the hill and around it, with rich civic houses and modest homes, lots of gardens, flowers and orchards. Its most valuable part is the upper downtown area, the only place in the country preserving the settlement structure of the Árpád period: crooked streets, stairways, scattered small houses, etc. The lower downtown which is today the centre of the town, formed around the turn of the 18th-19th centuries.





The Association for Youth Participation, is a public benefit organization, which members are young and active young adults, who were earlier part of the Youth Municipality of Pécsvárad. The main fundamental aim of the organization is to support and help the local, regional (national) youth initiative. 

It is an important goal for us, to still help and support, the young residents of the city (between the age of 13-25).  Furthermore, we are cooperating and helping the local youth municipality. Our association in the last few years started to continually focus on broadening and improving the quality of the areas of local youth work. 

Our association currently  has multipule aims:

  • Provision and improvement of the local youth work
  • Encourage the settlements in the area of Pécsvárad for local youth work, and building partnership with them
  • Create opportunity for local young people, and for those who live in the area, for participating in international youth programmes, also increase the process of giving information about these projects.
  • Joining youth programmes, using opportunities for professional improvement, and also generating those opportunities, at least in a regional level.
  • Besides to these above, our organization is taking a significant part in the youth clubspace, which is maintained by the Youth Municipality of Pécsvárad, where we are organizing programmes, and we are supporting the maintaining the space.

Our aim with supporting youth is for young people to create a community, where everyone can find their own place, and their creativity is evolving. 

Besides all of this, it is an important point for us to educate active citizenship to the ones who are not familiar with the local causes, and also would like to do someting for their own community. We would like to achieve these aims with the youngsters who are already involved, because they are the ones who can help with reaching out to youngsters, and survey their needs.


language club

work in kindergarten






Will be in the centre of Pécsvárad in an apartman.

All volunteers have separate rooms, all together have a kitchen and bathroom.

what we give?

warm community

friendly colleagues


playful and colorful activities


our volunteers said

Diogo from portugal

„An excellent organization marked by the availability and inclusion of its members. Since the project coordinator, to my mentor to the remaining people associated with the organization, everyone, since the first second, always showed an immense concern and altruism in supporting me to integrate into the project and the local community. This and the amazing atmosphere of this group made me quickly adapt to this programme and feel at home again.
I emphasize the huge comprehension of our coordinator in realizing that, above all, this is a gap year so we are not here only for work but also to enjoy a good time and discover new things, places and persons. As such, he always keeps all these points in mind and tries to provide us the best adventure here in Hungary with a lot of fun and experiences.
One of the most positive aspects is, besides the weekly work we are proposed to do, the organization gives us the opportunity and liberty to execute our own projects and activities, supporting us entirely in their realization.”

vivian from greece

„In my experience until now in Pécsvárad  I show creative activities, English practicing club and drawing lessons. Although, it’s a very nice opportunity to show also to people something new and it’s a great way to learn from each other and a way to meet new people or new friends. As well, going at the school and the kindergartens fulfill me a lot in the combination with the very good coordinator that I have.”

Anastasiia from russia

„Working at the kindergarten is such a heartwarming experience because you receive so much love and happiness from the kids! That was definitely my favorite part of the project!”