Vivian – ESC volunteer – 4th article

I would say that these weeks were very exciting because I had the opportunity to see the festival that took place in Pécsvárad and takes place every year with very talented dancers, musicians and beautiful small kiosks were you can find delicacies of the small town!

Furthermore, the weeks continued quite nice , with smiles and more things that I’m learning everyday at the kindergartens and school and the most important that I receive the love of the children and I give them my love too! Everyday I’m discovering more the lifestyle and I get inspired! Also we went to a very nice city in to the way to Budapest that is named Cegléd! There we participated in activities with youngsters and I had the opportunity to have a fast look of the town that was like in the movie scenes! At night like in a neighbourhood somewhere in New York from a movie and during the day like you were in the most beautiful streets with the colours of autumn. We visited a high school in Pécs that we informed them about Erasmus + and personally I felt very nice that I could explain them and share my experience with them because I was in their shoes and I know how they were feeling!