Building Futures: Erasmus+ Training Youth Workers in Youth Employability

In an increasingly globalized world, youth empowerment and enhancing employability are critical aspects of shaping a brighter future. The Erasmus+ program, renowned for its transformative impact, played a pivotal role in this endeavor. I had the privilege of participating in an international Erasmus+ training program focused on „Training Youth Workers in Youth Employability.” The event took place in the charming village of Selianitika, Greece, from September 25th to October 4th, gathering an enthusiastic and diverse group of participants from Greece, Hungary, Serbia, Poland, Turkey, Italy, Cyprus, and France. This article chronicles our remarkable journey.

Two days before the project officially commenced, my friend and I arrived in Greece, eager to absorb the rich history of Athens. The city’s historical landmarks, including the iconic Acropolis, immersed us in a world of cultural wonder and anticipation.

Each day of the program began with invigorating energizers, igniting the spirits of participants and creating an enthusiastic atmosphere for the day’s activities. These lively exercises set the tone for a day of learning, collaboration, and growth.

On the first day of the project, participants engaged in icebreaking and team-building activities, breaking down barriers among a diverse group of individuals. Conversations revolved around the distinction between „Soft” and „Transversal” skills, recognizing their pivotal role in the employability of young people.

The second day allowed us to step into the shoes of job-seeking youth as we navigated job interview simulations. This practical approach provided us with valuable insights into the challenges and expectations faced by young job seekers.

The third day was a journey into Greek culture and history. We visited the Archaeological Museum of Patras, delving into the region’s rich heritage. Later, a cultural visit to Nafpaktos transported us to the enchanting beauty of the Greek countryside.

The following day witnessed a burst of creativity as participants formed start-up companies within their groups. This exercise illuminated the diverse and innovative ideas that blossomed within the group.

As the week progressed, participants were divided into four groups, each tasked with developing a non-formal educational method to aid youth in entering the labor market. My team conceived an engaging game, „Shape Your Communication,” designed to enhance effective communication and active listening skills—a crucial asset for the youth. You can find a video link below this article about „Shape Your Communication.”

On the sixth day, a delightful excursion took us to Aigio, where we had the pleasure of visiting a winery and savoring the delicious local wines. This blend of culture and culinary delight added a unique dimension to the experience.

The project culminated with a Certificate Ceremony, a moment to celebrate our accomplishments and the knowledge gained throughout the training. The day also included a final reflection session, where participants shared their experiences and insights.

In conclusion, the Erasmus+ training program in Selianitika was an unforgettable journey that transcended borders and languages. It underscored the immense power of international collaboration and cultural exchange in empowering youth to thrive in the job market. This experience in the beautiful Greek village will remain etched in our memories, and it stands as a testament to the remarkable achievements of both organizers and participants alike. It was, without a doubt, one of the most enriching weeks of my life.

Csaba Császár