Diogo – ESC volunteer – 4th article

A week full of phenomenal activities where I spent most of my time outside of Pécsvárad.

To start it, I had the pleasure to know a little more about Hungary and its amazing sights and towns during the long journey with Cegléd as the final destination. There I participated in the Cegléd Youth Forum whose main objective was to show some organizations associated with Eurodesk. Using puzzles, I presented some of our organization to the local youth and also accompanied them during the rest of the activities.

At the end of the week, I went to Pécs to the Janus Pannonius Gimnázium to give my report of my experience as a volunteer at some classes of this school with the main aim of promoting this type of opportunities and clarify the students about the process to be achieved and also clear up some doubts.

Beside this, I also had the opportunity to help some special kids to improve their English knowledge in Pécsvárad kollégium and help to organize a Halloween party at the Youth Club where I spent an amazing time!