First article of 2023 – Vivian – ESC volunteer

„The last year was a very nice experience for me! From all the people that I met till the last day of the schools. I had the pleasure to show as well, the first drawing lesson at the youth club and the children’s talent was much greater than expected for elementary school children. This is something that convince more to make more artistic classes! So this year this new course will take place in town! Another thing that I’m glad for learning about the hungarian traditions in Christmas days! I learned about the food and what symbolise for the people. Although, I participated as well in a poetry competition that took place in the city of Pécs winning honorary award for my poem written and interpreting in Hungarian by me ! It was one of the most beautiful feelings for me that so many young and older Hungarian poets appreciated so much and liked a lot saying that was the best. Showing the admiration along with their biggest applause ! For this year I can tell you that the first week from the opening of the schools came to an end with activities smiles and a surprise party to a lovely girl that had her birthday and the teachers in the kindergarten made her ! Until next time be well think positive, and don’t forget the best thing about you is your smile!”