Key8 Training – Experience Report by Anni Ingrid Asu

Key8 májusi tréningünkről ezúttal Anni Ingrid Asu észt résztvevő élménybeszámolóját olvashatjátok.

I’m sort of a veteran when it comes to Erasmus+ projects. Throughout the years I’ve mostly taken part of youth exchanges so I didn’t really know what to expect when I took part in my first training course this may. I was hopeful to make new acquaintances and take something home some new cultural knowledge or understanding and in all regards I was not left disappointed. I’ve been to Hungary on multiple occasions and consider Budapest the most beautiful city in Europe but experiencing the charming town of Pécsvárad that was the location of our project also cemented a liking for the picturesque countryside of this quaint country. The fact that we had the luxury of staying at a castle-turned-hotel, with a tour of the historic building and had an everyday walk down to the town and back up to participate in workshops and activities only helped to disperse the boundaries between cultures.  The “Key8” training course in all accounts fulfilled it’s purpose of clueing us in on the variousness of competences, how to gain them and use them in everyday, work and/or school life. Some may have even realised that they’re more competent than they’d given themselves credit for. Each day was filled with interactive workshops and group activities that both bonded our cultural understandings and helped us assess or knowledge in an out-of-the-box way. And each evening we had enough time to get to know the members of ours small band of enthusiasts and submerge ourselves into deeper conversations regarding culture and life experiences. All in all I’m glad to remember back on the new knowledge I’ve gained and the shared warmth and understanding I was privy to. And I have both the wonderful organisers and my open-minded fellow participants to thank for that.