Know yourself – ifjúsági csere

Dátum: 2024.04.02. – 2024.04.09.
Helyszín: Liptód

A programról röviden:

During the week we spend together, our focus will be on creation and self expression and community building. We use creative techniques such as art therapy and dance therapy to get to get to know ourselves better, to meet parts of ourselves that we may not have known before, and we share these with each other with the tools of art. We create a community, a safe space, where we can all express ourselves freely, learn from each other, inspire each other, and create together. During the art therapy workshops, there will be time for ndividual and group creation (for example, making collages, clay, painting…) and then we talk about the process and share our feelings about the products. During the dance and movement therapy workshops we discover our space, move freely, dance, reflect and be reflected, improvise. Using the tools of drama pedagogy, we will create a street performance by the end of the week, which we will presented on the streets of Pécs.

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