One week in Liptód

Íme a harmadik élménybeszámolónk a Know yourself Erasmus+ ifjúsági cserénkről, melyet egyik lengyel résztvevőnk, Kinga Orda írt. 

Hi! I want to tell you a story about a week witch I spend in Liptód. 

A project ,, Know Yourself ” was about learning how we can show our emotions or how we feel right now. Thanks to two wonderful art therapists – Kata and Kristi – we did a lot of really great things like mirror dance or painting outdoors.  Today I will introduce and explain to you what we did and, of course, we learnt. 

Firstly, I want to tell you something about the people who were with me. In the project there were people from different countries; Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Lithuania. Did we start talking to each other right away? Of course not. We ignored each other, thinking it was good, but it wasn’t. We started talking after 3 days but I regret that we hadn’t start earlier. I met wonderful people who had a lot of positive energy and sent it to others. I met people who helped me understand myself. That’s the first thing I learned – courage.

You’re probably wondering how we communicated since everyone has a different accent and it’s hard to understand others. It wasn’t. In my opinion, the hardest thing about communication was just breaking down that language barrier. I think everyone had to give themselves some time to get used to the new standards. 

If you ask me about workshops, I won’t answer to you. Why? Because I don’t have any word so that I could describe them. Everyday we did different things. At the beginning we stay inside ’cause the weather was not really good, but after that, sometimes we were inside, sometimes outside. I think that most of the time we spend outside. The first activities were more inclusive. It was that time when everyone was a bit shy and not confident. But it’s normal. 

It became more and more interesting with new activities. We learned to use emotions by painting, drawing, making clay and even dancing. Such simple things that we can do every day teach us such important things while at the same time we can have great fun!

At the moment you know just my opinion about this project, but now I will bring opinions of the rest of the project group closer to you . After conducting a short interview with the rest of the project participants we can find out about interesting experiences and thoughts. 

The first question was: What did you like most about the project?

Vilūnė: I liked art therapy activities and meeting new people the most in the project. 

Paulina: What I liked most about the project was the way it was implemented, the fact that every detail served our integration, the fact that we had a room with so many people allowed us to get to know each other better, and the workshops conducted allowed me to rediscover myself, what I liked most was that the whole day was planned, but carried out in such a way that you wanted to be part of it all.  

Next question was: What was your favourite workshops? 

Alvaro: I think the best was painting on the soccer field, because at the end of that activity we all came together and were able to enjoy it all together and laugh. 

Virág: When we had to do our collages and rip random papers. 

And last question was: What could you learned during spend in Hungary? 

Irena: I learned about different cultures, traditions and languages. Also I learned how to connect with nature and to enjoy and appreciate each day. 

Of course, when conducting the interview about the project, I did not forget about our wonderful teachers who helped and supported us when we needed it. 

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to talk to every leader. 

First question was: Considering that you were the leader of the (country) group, how did you feel during the workshops? What were you doing then?

Irena: I felt happy seeing my team doing and enjoying the workshops, I was helping if anyone needed help understanding some tasks and I was also participating in some workshops. 

Magda: There was also plenty of space for the instructors during the classes. It was great to meet young people from other countries, it shows how little we differ, even though we are separated by a long distance. The role of a leader is to take care of the people under their care, which is why I have always tried to be there for them and support them.  

The rest of the questions were similar to those I had asked the participants. The answers were very similar to the rest. 

This entire article shows how many amazing things you can learn. Is it worth taking part in such projects? Of course! They have a very big impact on people, especially on such topics. Unforgettable moments with wonderful people will certainly accompany us for a very long time. 

Kinga Orda