Rafaels élménybeszámolója

Rafaels szintén Lettországból érkezett hozzánk és már közel fél éve rugja a port minden nap Pécsvárad utcáin és hoz szint a pécsváradi gyerekek és fiatalok életébe. Fogadjátok szeretettel az ő első élménybeszámolóját.

The passage of the first five months whisked me into a whirlwind of unforgettable moments that will linger in my heart for eternity. It all began with a nerve-wracking journey from Rīga to Pécsvárad, my first solo venture abroad without a guiding „adult” figure by my side. Amidst the initial jitters, Miklós extended a warm welcome with a dinner that melted away the tension of travel, paving the way for the adventures that awaited.

Pécsvárad unfurled its charm as we were introduced to its winding streets and the locales where we would immerse ourselves in the months to come. The city soon felt like a second home, with its rolling hills casting a spell on my senses, beckoning me to explore every corner.

A training session coincided with a lively city festival, where our task of setting up an activity booth for local children blossomed into a joyous success. A hike up the mountain unveiled vistas I had never witnessed before, igniting a newfound love for exploration. The vibrant personalities I encountered along the way infused humor and warmth into every encounter.

A tranquil interlude followed, allowing me to delve into my work responsibilities and uncover hidden gems within the city. Visits to local schools to inspire students about ESC opportunities and the creation of engaging activities at the youth club became the heartbeat of my daily routine.

The festive spirit of Christmas descended upon us, leading to a traditional event at the youth club that etched vivid images and scents in my memory, destined to linger for years to come.

Our grand on-arrival meeting unfolded in the lap of luxury, with a three-star hotel boasting a four-star restaurant setting the stage for royal treatment. Regardless of Endy’s best efforts, the array of engaging activities and laughter-filled evenings became cherished memories, including my debut at a club.

As the curtain falls on my five-month escapade, the European Union Information Day in Pécs serves as the grand finale. Presenting our work to eager youth, shedding light on ESC and Erasmus projects, and indulging in the festivities while relishing snacks and drinks marked the climax of this remarkable chapter.

Thank you for accompanying me on this journey, and I eagerly anticipate weaving more tales of adventure in my forthcoming articles!

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