Sofia élménybeszámolója

Sofia Spanyolországból érkezett hozzánk és már 5 hónapja színesíti Pécsvárad életét. Sofia szintén az Európai Szolidaritási Testület támogatásával tölt nálunk 11 hónapot.

Hello! My name is Sofía. My experience here in Hungary is halfway over and I have so many things to share. 

I achieved my goals, like improving my English, learning some Hungarian, and getting out of my comfort zone. These five months passed by very fast because I enjoyed all the activities I was doing. I loved working in the kindergarten and spending time with the kids playing games. Also, teaching Spanish is very interesting because it is a good opportunity to know more people and help them. I am learning Hungarian with a University professor. I’m not the biggest fan of learning this language because it’s difficult for me, but it helps me when I have to communicate with the children in the kindergarten. My last activity is the Art Club, but nobody has gone yet. 

Being in Pécsvárad is very nice for me. I love the nature and the tranquility of this village. And if I want to do something different, it is easy to go by bus to the city close, that is Pécs. In my free time, I like to go for a walk, to the cafe, to the mall, or to the gym. I hardly get bored because I always have things to do. I feel good when I am productive and there are a lot of options that my mentor gives to me.

In the first month, I felt lonely for not having any friends. So the first part of the Arrival Training and the European Union Information Day event helped me to know more people from another country that are doing the same thing as me. 

Also, the Arrival Training helped me with the things I have to improve my day by day. I learned a lot while I had fun. All the things they showed us were very interactive and helpful. At the EUID event, I met some girls from Pécs who were so friendly with me. Nowadays I don’t feel that lonely and I can enjoy my year here.

Also, I learned about Hungarian traditions, like the costume festival, the day of killing the pig, or the Busójárás. It was interesting to try traditional food like Lángos, the Kürtőskalács, the Palinka, or the Bejgli.

Sofia Anton