Vivian – ESC volunteer – 6th article

My dear readers, I hope you had a great time at the carnival! I visited the city of Veszprém, which for this year is the cultural capital, and the opening was a great spectacle from all points of view. It is worth visiting because they will also have special events, in which case the train has a special price and deals. 

Besides that, I had the pleasure of visiting Visegrád because we had the volunteer meeting in Hungary. On this occasion we visited a part of the castle and I saw the representation of sword fights and other medieval weapons such as the bow and knives as I was the queen. It was a very beautiful sight and it is quite a tourist destination as the locals told us. My medieval journey was completed with our medieval meal. My journey back to Pécsvárad began and my daily schedule continued beautifully. 

In the kindergarten the children made pancakes which is something different and in this way they can get closer to cooking and I found it very cute! 

Also last month I visited the beautiful village of Óbánya which is like a small flower in the forest and I saw for the second time in my life a free deer in the wild up close. 

Later in the activity after school with the primary school children we made bracelets that in Greece and the Balkans we wore every March 1st and it symbolizes the beginning of spring. Have a great Sunday and an even better week!