Vivian – ESC volunteer – last article

My volunteering program came to an end, with  lots of good memories, creative activities with youth and children such as painting hats, making accessories and treasure hunt!  Summer camps that we made creative  games and we sang together a song from the country that I’m from so in my case was a Greek song that we enjoyed it a lot and we laughed a lot as well. Also, I will highlight my drawing workshop that in the end I became very good friend with one of the girls that were coming and I will never forget and I wish to visit her sometime.

Additionally, walking in the forest was one of the most peaceful moments for me because was something different from my landscape in Greece. And the last thing that I did was an educational for me trip that I visited castles, museums and I learned more things for the country that I  loved, will never forget and I will visit for sure sometime and try to meet the people that I was saying everyday Szia and we exchanged a smile while walking or talking and made me feel welcomed!! I’m grateful for everything! Happy summer to all readers of my article and all the best in whatever you do in your life!