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In recent years in Spain and most of Europe we have suffered the effects of confinement due to COVID-19 and among them is the technological dependence or addiction that has increased among young people in our communities. A study by the University of Valencia and the Mapfre Foundation concludes that around 15% of adolescents make excessive use of new technologies and 2.5% are pathologically hooked, an addiction that could have increased during confinement, when the Internet and cell phones became the only tool to maintain social contact with the outside world. The same happens with social networks, where 25% of the women surveyed are on the verge of being pathologically hooked and 8.9% already have an addiction problem, compared to 13% and 4% in boys. Adolescent girls are more concerned about being permanently active on the networks and the mood of many of them can be modified depending on the number of ‘likes’ obtained. Over the past year, the use of computer screens and mobile devices has increased dramatically around the world. A staggering 76% of the 16-24 population is spending more time on their phones, while 45% have increased the amount of time they spend on their laptops. And it’s not just phones and laptops that are to blame for this increase in digital technology use: 34% of the population is spending more time watching TV, while 22% have increased their use of tablets.

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